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With our staff having over 30 years' experience in the demolition industry Getk Demolition is able to undertake a wide variety of different demolition projects ranging from single storey structures to large commercial and industrial buildings. Demolition contractors are usually the first on site this being the case we have a true understanding of how important it is to execute our works within strict time frames to enable projects to proceed smoothly.

All demolition projects are different therefore our work methods are specific to the job.

If required to work in limited spaces our skilled and experienced workforce would carry out works using hand, electric and hydraulic tools or on larger projects we would use a range of plant and mechanical equipment to carry out the works.

We don’t just take a wrecking ball to buildings; we can completely dismantle complex structures without any problems.

Ask us for a free quote and a site visit so we can inspect your property and let you know the best way to dismantle it.

We ensure that each individual project is approached with the highest level of safety

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